my motive is pretty obvious...

i want to feel well done. penetrated. filled...

charming as a sparkling star...
28 January
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where have you been ?
togetherness behind the screen.
reality and fiction melt together ...
violence and rape turns you on
lolitas and muscleman keep things going
present the products of today.
but it's not them, they don't decide
think tanks, smart bombs, intelligent weapons
buy sell! buy sell!
information, obey ... obey !!! old man in power
yeah, kill my sensitivity - suck my energy
make me weak - make me fit tight
damn me into lifelong triviality
why should I walk outside my world ?

-hanin elias war extreme v4

i'm the ultimate [sub]urban legend. perhaps you've heard of me. or seen me around. followed me home. woke up in my bed. from time to time.

there's a girl in this journal. she's a mishmash of who she thought she was, who she used to be, who others wanted her to turn into, who she is now, and who she's becoming.

me. me. me.

i've got a few other journals floatin' in the cyber/ether. actually i got several. but lets just deal with this one right now. i got some stories to tell. some memories to share. my life's a work in progress.

fill me with yr fist...

[oh. its not all serious. calm down, kittens. a lot of this is good, albeit, DIRTY fun!]
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