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charming as a sparkling star...
21 January 2007 @ 10:13 pm
y'know, its funny. i said i wouldn't write in my eljay(s) until i finished my zine(s.) y'know the ones i've only been trying to start, work on, complete for the past goddamn FIVE plus years! i said that livejournal was a huge distraction from the IMPORTANT things: finding a job. going back to school. getting even healthier. becoming a whole functioning responsible human wormbaby being. i said i was gonna take a MUCH NEED BREAK from this online journal drama blah blah blah bullshit. and once again i've gone back on my word.

its the human condition, isnt it? hypocrisy? but it still sucks. and it especially blows this time 'round cos i've been trying SO DAMN HARD not to go back on my words lately. my convictions if you will. and i was gonna. but jesus christ! the one thing i really like about livejournal is that there is an ABILITY to communicate with people (friends, fans, lovers (errr... just one lover), former friends and lovers, etc) in a way that is easier and more frequent than email. of course i said easier... that happy word that is so stuck in our american vernacular. but it is.

so yes. i'm not going to update this baby often. but after 6 years of eljay i'm more than a bit addicted.

hey i'm almost 10 months sober. down to 3 cups of green tea and 6 cigarettes a day. and i'm still trying way hard.

lemme have this distraction addiction.
updating...: that's classified.
feeling...: embarrassedi'm embarrassed...
hearing...: crispin glover's 'clowny clown clown'